Staying Motivated

Finding motivation is something everyone struggles with from time-to-time, I know it's something I suffer from more than I'd like. Take this blog as proof, I'm now two articles behind where I should be, and while I was out of the country all last week, and this week has been horribly busy I could still be on track if I'd had more motivation. So, as you might have guessed, in this article I'll share some ideas that seem to help keep me motivated (clearly not enough though!).


This one is obvious, but it makes such a dramatic difference to stress levels, motivation and energy, it's truly amazing. Start small, but make a regular habit of doing what can at least two or three times a week. Swimming is one of the most effective ways of exercise, so do that if you can.

I'm not going to harp on about this anyway, we all know we should do it, it's just a matter of forcing ourselves into the habit.

Learn Something

This I can't stress enough, it's incredibly easy to get stuck in a routine; go to work, do the same tasks each day, come home, eat something, watch a movie or read something, then off to sleep. Where the hell is the inspiration in that? When are we actually pushing our boundaries? The answer is nowhere.

The solution to this is to do something new and try to be as spontaneous as possible with it. This year I'm learning photography and that's inspiring me, I'm looking at new things, reading new authors and talking to people I normally wouldn't. It's win, win, you're learning a new skill and being inspired at the same time which leads to being motivated!


This is hypocritical as I'm far from being a decent cook, but it's on my list of things to do/learn and it should be on yours too, here's why: Cooking is a mixture of technical skills, logical thinking, and lots of creativity. Can you think of many things that offer all that? Plus it so happens it saves you money, makes you healthier and tastes damn good! Here's someone who can inspire you to cook far more than I can: