2010 Review


2010 was a good year for Pitch with lots learnt, a lot gained and only a little lost. We actually got smaller this year, but because of this change the business had higher revenue and was more profitable. We’ve got the business to a point where we are fairly comfortable so I think this year will be a year of pushing the growth a little bit, see if we can expand while keeping the quality, revenue and profit all in the right areas.


I had an interesting year, overall it was definitely positive but it was trying at times. At the start of the year I set out six goals, let see how I did:

1) Complete Project52 (write a post every week)

Completely and utterly failed this one. I lasted eight weeks before I fell off the wagon, which is longer than a lot of people did in the project, but still sucks. In the end there’s no excuses, I failed and learnt my lesson.

2) Keep Gaming

Surprise, surprise, this went okay. There were definitely points where I struggled with this one, either due to a lack of quality games or workload, but overall I’m happy I kept up with this hobby.

3) Weekly Sport

I’m going to say I passed this one. I didn’t keep it up to the extent I would have liked but you’d be hard pressed to find a week where I didn’t do anything, be it running, soccer or rock climbing. That said the last three weeks have been terrible, but that’s due to a knee injury.

4) Take 20 Photos I’m proud of

I started this one really strong but got weaker as the year wore on, almost to the point where I wouldn’t pick up my camera for a couple of weeks at a time. So while I could pick out 20 photos I took this year that I really like and am proud of I want to revisit this at some point.

5) Save More

I saved a good chunk of cash this year and would have easily reached my target if my living situation hadn’t dramatically changed. So while I fell a couple of grand short of my rough target I’m going to give myself a pass on this. I’ll have a similar goal this year though.

6) Read At Least 8 Books

Complete and utter fail. I think I’ve started around 12 books this year and completely finished around 5 or so. I have however been reading a lot of good articles and short form writing due largely to the iPad, but none the less this was a huge letdown and I’m rather disappointed in myself!

That’s a wrap for 2010.