New Year, New Start

Starting the New Year is an amazing feeling, we feel that we're getting a fresh start, a time to right all the wrongs from the previous year and hopefully not make the same mistakes again. This feeling doesn't last, we may start with the best intentions, but generally we revert back to our usual selves within a matter of weeks, if not days.

This year I'm going to change that and this very site is the beginning of that change.

I'm going to set myself roughly six goals ( here's why to reach this year. I prefer to set goals over resolutions as I feel goals focus on the future rather than dwelling on the past. So without further ado here are my six personal goals:

1) Project52

The whole reason for starting my site again was Project52. I've always enjoyed writing but I seem to burn out after a few months of consisting posting. Hopefully Project52 can be the push I need to make writing a consistent part of my life.

2) Keep Gaming

Yes this is one of my goals. People regularly ask me how I find the time to play games while starting a business and keeping some sort of social life. This genuinely scares me as gaming is something I really enjoy and allows me to unwind. So 2010 I promise to make time for games.

3) Weekly Sport

I go through spurts where I'm in fitness mode and then I fall back into my lazy routine of doing something 'when I can'. This needs to change.

4) Take 20 Photos I'm Proud Of

I used to love photography, I would take my camera everywhere and I'll continuously try to improve. What happened? Recently I bought myself a Canon 350D, in 2010 I will actually use it.

5) Save More

Working towards a house I'm happy with will take time, but in 2010 I'm going to accelerate towards that target a bit faster and save what I hope to be around 1/3 of the deposit I'd need.

6) Read At Least 8 Books

I'm terrible at reading books, as I write this I have five unfinished books on my desk (clearly buying books isn't a problem). I know 8 might seem like a soft target but with everything else I'm planning on doing I'd rather be realistic.